This is my "Personal Projects" page, I hope you'll enjoy the images and get some insights into street photography as well as some of the more personal images which I am making for a book about people and places. Most photographers have a place in their world for projects which they create and I guess I'm no different. What I first enjoyed looking at was people who lived and worked within a 2 mile radius of my home in Bedfordshire, that developed more of an interest in bringing together a community of people who knew nothing of each other apart from via the images I produced. I have since been in a high street outlet with many employees who work tirelessly but have amazing stories of how they arrived where they are and since returning to Wales I have been fortunate enough to meet and be allowed to photograph more outstanding people with equally wonderful stories. Parts of my blog in the next year will include some but not all of these lovely and open people who have shared a moment together with me and given me the chance to see them through my lens. I am so grateful for every person who is kind enough to invite me to make a photograph of them. Please do enjoy.


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