Portraits and people

Portraits and people, my favourite form of photography.
So, with the words of a colleague in my head
"Oh do come back with some portraits of people for me to see"
We were on our way!! What a beautiful time of the year to visit the USA, Fall or Autumn as we know it in Europe, leaving Heathrow on a cold and sunny September day headed to Boston. We were delighted to be met by an old friend at the terminal in Boston and whisked out to Hull in Massachusetts. Cocktails and an amazing view of boats in Allerton Harbor and the bridge over to Spinnaker Island from the deck of his house. After a snack we were ready for bed, sleeping soundly in this cottage over the water.
This was the beginning of a 3 week adventure meeting people and seeing new places. A big thank you to all the lovely people who made our stay so easy and comfortable. Such fabulous faces I got to photograph from the neighbour in Hull to Tom the teacher on a walk out to a lighthouse. All were gracious and welcoming and wanted to know all about what we had seen and where we were going. People are people all over the world, it's not until you are the visitor, the foreigner that you truly appreciate this hospitality.
We flew to see family in Grand Rapids, Michigan and more excitement, travel, people and places. We even got to see bears up close. We were in there for the 9/11 tributes and met many of the local officials at the flag there. Our furthest trip was to waterfalls of the Upper Peninsula and Lake Superior. We discovered that Lake Superior holds enough fresh water to cover the whole of North and South America in a foot of water. It looked more like a sea to me!
What I love, really enjoy and what makes me happy is meeting people and finding out a little about them, discussing their day and what they do and where they are from. It's no surprise that I would want to take a few portraits of the people who made us smile. There's a "Portraits" section coming very soon.
These were just everyday people who had something to say and who were obliging enough to agree to have their photograph taken. I love to capture special moments at weddings, a look or a smile. I am regularly commissioned to photograph families or a parent or grandparent for their family. It is an honour to be asked and I really enjoy seeing the final print in a frame hung on a wall in their home or given as a gift to parents or grandparents.
If you would like to have a portrait of your family or a family member, your parents or grandparents please do contact me. What better way to have someone close to you in your home and to see their faces, so much more than a Facebook picture. Do let me know what you think of the images below and do add a comment or email. I will happily come to you to take that special portrait or I can arrange to use a local studio.
This short trip away meeting such lovely people helped to recharge the batteries but it also made me so much more aware of the beautiful faces in the world.

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