Meeting an X-Photographer

Meeting an X-Photographer

Meeting an X-Photographer.

A glorious Sunday afternoon and chance to travel to London to meet a good friend, Derek Clark, he's one of a handful of the famous Fujinon people, he's an X-Photographer. He and the other X-Photographers get to see and advise the technical minds at Fujinon on the needs of the photographers who choose to use these amazing little cameras. An onerous task as trials are conducted on pre-production models which are then handed back to Fuji and everything these X-Photographer guys have done to them analysed and documented. Sounds easy? you could imagine that there's an incentive there? You'd be wrong because after their tests and trials with the cameras they give them back. If they want one they get to go and buy one, with their own money, no perks, no discounts. Just the knowledge that they have been completely impartial and helped other photographers make their choice. I went out and bought one, I have several and they are such great little cameras. I bought an X-100F as I have been using an X-E1 and an X-M1 for a while.

Derek and I chatted about his upcoming visit to London to take part in the Photography magazine photo walk, 24 hours around London from 12 noon on Saturday til 12 noon on Sunday. The X-Photographers were out for the day taking photo walks with pro and semi-pro photographers. The walks organised by Photography magazine are a popular event and take place a couple of times a year, look up the magazine if you think you'd enjoy this kind of event. 24 hours of photography in the vibrant day and night scape of London being guided and exploring with some of the best photographers around. No rain meant that this was also a very well attended walk and I await seeing some of the images that were taken in that 24 hours.

Sunday afternoon I met up with Derek for a short walk and chat and a trip over to the V&A Museum in South Kensington. My trip to London was so packed with people I left the train before getting to London St Pancras to get onto the underground and the Jubilee line to Westminster. We'd arranged to meet up at Westminster near the RAF memorial, an outstanding piece of art and close by the Palace of Westminster where I will be photographing the wedding of two of my good friends in a couple of weeks time. We managed to get through to Whitehall and see Downing Street and over to Horseguards Parade. From there a gentle walk up to Piccadilly Circus and on to our destination for the afternoon. The V&A Museum in South Kensington and the Pink Floyd Exhibition there.

Meeting an X-Photographer

What a fabulous exhibition too and my musical memories were completely overloaded. Derek is a saxophone, guitar and keyboard playing X-Photographer who gigs with a band around Scotland playing Pink Floyd sets. For us both this was a total immersion in music and photography, so many amazing images from Jill Furmanovsky one of the most prolific photographers in the music industry for the last 40 years. The equipment on show brought back the times and there were Fender guitars, Moog keyboards, lights, music, lots of music and screens showing interviews including one of the best known music video directors, Storm Thorgerson who filmed the beds on the beach for "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" he refused to say how much the shoot cost other than "it was a lot". The various rooms are dedicated to the decades of music produced between 1967 and 2017 a half century of words and music. It was amazing, a show of one of the most famous British rock bands and their music. Do go along and take a tour if you get the chance, spend a couple of hours looking at the memorabilia, the videos, the equipment and the photographs. Listen to the music and go back in time.​ What a great way to spend the afternoon. The variety of age groups attending just showed the timeless reach of their music.

Meeting an X-Photographer

On the way back to our stations and trains home we had a chance for that vanilla milkshake and a chat. Thanks Derek, a day well spent! Derek Clark is also part of the KAGE Collective, a group of extremely talented photojournalists, documentary photographers at their peak. Click on the name to get to the website. This months lead is written by a good friend and fellow photographer, Steve Shipman. Please do go and visit the website and enjoy some more great images. If you're interested in the Fujinon X-100F and how it all works as well as some other of the Fuji cameras click here

The images are all from the Fuji X-100T and I have been using the Classic Chrome setting on this for the last couple of weeks. This is my first post with this camera and I am astounded at the images it produces. I hope you like them, they are the sort of images I like to take when I am shooting weddings or portraits and the cameras are quiet so do not disturb a moment.
If you'd like to find out more about what I can do for you either making a portrait for you and your family or photographing your wedding, please do get in touch with me here. Thank you for taking the time to read do leave a comment below if you enjoyed this blog.Meeting an X-Photographer



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